Why Exhibit?

METS - Machinery, Equipment, Technology and Supplies for Jewellery & Watch Industry

METS is Asia’s premiere international professional trade exhibition of jewellery and watch making machinery, equipment, technology and supplies. The scope of exhibits encompasses the entire jewellery and watch production process, from state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and devices for mould-making, casting, stone-setting, polishing, finishing, assembling, quality control and packaging, to advanced production technology, rapid prototyping solutions, CAD software, laboratory equipment and supplies, precious metal processing apparatus, metal assaying devices, production management systems, security services, as well as an exhaustive selection of parts, tools, materials and other supplies that competitive jewellery and watch fabrication needs. With a large database of jewellery and watch manufacturers worldwide, the show organizer brings maximum benefits to the exhibitors by inviting quality buyers from around the globe.

Concurrent activities including educational seminars and special events for exhibitors or overseas buyers will be held during METS.


METS: Ten Attractions

  • It is Asia’s first professional jewellery and watch making machinery, equipment, technology, and supplies show
  • Its carefullly-selected buyers are entirely from the manufacturing sector
  • It is an ideal show for exhibitors to showcase their innovative products
  • It is an easily navigated show for one-stop service
  • It is a hub for professional brands
  • It is a perfect platform for new product promotion and technology exchange
  • It is a venue to share experiences and achievements with manufacturers
  • The organizer has the largest buyers’ database of the sector
  • Exhibitors can enjoy free trade and tax-free privileges
  • It is your gateway to Mainland China

Exhibits Profile

- Machines and Equipment for Jewellery Production
- Material and Parts for Jewellery Production
- Metallurgy and Alloys
- Casting Equipment, Electroforming Equipment
- Lost Wax Process Equipment
- Watch Movements and Bands
- Carving Equipment, Finishing and Polishing Equipment
- Gemological Instruments and Services
- Latest Industry Technologies
- Machines and Equipment for Watch and Clock Production
- Material and Parts for Watch and Clock Production
- Refining Equipment
- Machines for Cutting, Polishing and Drilling Gems
- Packaging and Display Items
- Jewellery and Watch Accessories
- Security Systems and Services
- Cleaning Equipment and Environmental Facilities
- Others: Courier/ Forwarder, Trade Publication, Bank / Insurance, Trade Association, Gemmological Institute, Jewellery Exhibition Co., Auction House, Jewellery Printing House and Photography Service